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About Laura

A successful International entrepreneur, 3 generation direct seller, mother of 5, coach and mentor.

"Laura's the reason I have achieved more in life than I believed I could. She gave me the belief I never had, until I met her. My gratitude is beyond words."


Wonder Woman

Always available 24/7

Known as MLM’s “Wonder Woman”, Laura been a music minister (winning singing competitions and traveling), and has owned her own bakery (and being on Cupcake Wars as well as numerous news stories for her baking).

As a third generation network marketer, her whole live has been touched by the profession.
Mrs. Oblon has been a consultant, a master rep and top income earner in the companies she’s been involved with, all while raising 4 children on her own. Her coaching and mentoring is unparalleled and her vision is second to none.

"It's hard to put into words Laura's gifts. She's truly ineffable."  - Robert Oblon

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